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Falconwood Pinblocks......For the Life of the Piano

What We Do: 

We are a wholesale distributor of Falconwood pinblock material to the piano industry. 

We Offer: 

Custom panel thickness to your specifications

Blank pinblock material in various sizes

Rough pinblock duplication

Quick turn-around time

Free technical advice & classes on pinblock installation




is the best, most durable and consistent material for pinblocks on the market.  Many thin layers of high quality European beech are cross-laminated, glued and compressed, making it the densest pinblock available in the world.  Falconwood is thus highly resistant to humidity changes and will retain its original tuning pin torque after many years.  Falconwood has been selected by the finest rebuilders for its unmatched quality for over 50 years.  Imported from Germany.

Small & Large Single and Double Blocks are available to avoid waste & expense.      

  • Small Single for pianos such as Steinway S, M, O, L and Mason & Hamlin A                                                                                                                                               
  • Large Single for pianos such as Steinway Bs etc. 
  • Large Long Single for pianos, 9' concert grands, M&H BBs etc.

Falconwood Plugs

These are used for a variety of applications in addition to tuning pin hole repairs. Available in 2 sizes in 5, 10 & 25 packs.

Falconwood Plugs.JPG
Drill Bits.JPG


Pinblock Drill Bits

We offer 3 types of bits with 2 styles of flutes in 4 sizes.

  • Fast spiral with 118 degree regular tip
  • Fast spiral with brad tip
  • Parabolic spiral with long brad tip

Recommended by Tim for drilling Falconwood: Letter I (.272") drill for 2/0 (.282") tuning pins



  • Rough duplication from original pinblock including overlays*
  • We can match the thickness of your sample or customize to you specifications* 
  • Send your original pinblock to the address above and indicate if you want it returned with your new Falconwood pinblock


* Final fitting done as you install the pinblock into the piano. Tuning pin holes are not drilled.



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